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JSI Tip 3067. When you update a device driver, other identical devices don't get their driver information updated?

If you have two or more identical devices (SCSI adapters, network adapter, etc..), when you use Device Manager to update the driver on one device, the new driver is used by the identical devices, but only the selected device gets updated driver information (provider, date, and version)?

If you check the driver details for any of the identical devices, you see the original driver information, even though it is using the new driver?

When Device Manger updates the driver for the selected device, it updates the driver information at:


No attempt is made to update the registry for the identical devices.

You can update the driver information by repeating the following procedure for each identical device:

1. Start Device Manager.

2. Double-click an identical device.

3. Select the Driver tab.

4. Press Update Driver.

If you prefer, you can manually update the registry instead.

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