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JSI Tip 3062. Windows 2000 Loses date and time on Every Boot?

If you install Windows 2000 and reboot, you may get a message that the system's date and time are invalid?

You may find that the date may be set to something like January 1, 1601, and the clock may have started at 12:00 A.M.?

If you have other operating systems on this computer, they keep date / time correctly?

This problem is generally caused by having a BIOS that is not 100% ACPI compliant.

Apply a proper BIOS flash from your computer manufacturer.

You can workaround this problem by reinstalling Windows 2000 without ACPI support:

- Press F7 during Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration. This forces Setup to install a non-ACPI HAL.


- Press F5 during Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration. This allows you to manually select a non- ACPI HAL from the following list:
HAL                  Description
Compaq Systempro     Use for Compaq Systempro computers.

MPS Uniprocessor PC  Use on non-ACPI system's dual-processor motherboard
                     with a single processor installed.

MPS Multiproc PC     Non-ACPI systems with dual processors running.

Standard PC          Any standard PC, non-ACPI, or non-MPS. Can be a
                     386, 486, Pentium, or Pentium II/III.

Standard PC          Non-ACPI i486 C-Step processor.
with C-Step i486
NOTE:See tip 2044 after you update your BIOS.

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