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JSI Tip 3059. What Windows 2000 Resource Kit tools are only included in the server version?

In tip 2159, I listed the tools that are included with the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit.

has these same tools, with the following exceptions: ( NOTE: Place your cursor over a tool to see an explanation.)

Appsec.exe: Application Security.

Autoexnt.exe: AutoExNT Service.

Ckymunge.dll: Cookie Munger.

Cluster Verification Utility.


Clustool.exe: Microsoft Cluster Tool.

Copslpm.exe: Common Open Policy Service Local Policy Module.

Drmapsrv.exe: Drive Share.

Dsstore.exe: Directory Services Store.

Exploration Air.

Fcopy.exe: File Copy Utility for Message Queuing.

HTMLTextFilter.exe: HTML Text Filter.

Httpcmd.exe: HTTP Command.

Httpmon.exe: HTTP Monitoring Tool.

Iasparse.exe: IAS Parse Tool.

Ifilttst.exe: IFilter Test Suite.

IIS Migration Support Documents.

IIS Permissions Wizard Template Maker.

Iishostsvc.exe: IIS Host Helper Service.

Intfiltr.exe: Interrupt Filter.

Lsreport.exe: Terminal Services Licensing Reporter.

Lsview.exe: Terminal Services License Server Viewer.

Metaedit.exe: Metabase Editor.

MSMQ Triggers.

Perfcheck.dll: Performance Counter Check.


Rassrvmon.exe: RAS Server Monitor.

Security Configuration IIS Templates.

Sendfile.exe: SendFile Test Suite.

Tcmon.exe: Traffic Control Monitor.

Tru Access Manager Limited Edition.

Tsreg.exe: Terminal Services Client Registry Editory.

Tsver.exe: Terminal Services Version Limiter.

W3Who.dll: Browser Client Context Viewer.

Web Application Stress Tool.

Web Capacity Analysis Tool.

Wins.dll: WINS Replication Network Monitor Parser.

Winsta.exe: WinStation Monitor.

Wlbs_hb.dll and Wlbs_rc.dll: Windows Load Balancing Server Network Monitor Parsers.

Wmloadsimulator.exe: Windows Media Load Simulator.

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