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JSI Tip 3052. Daylight saving time shifts file and event times?

When Windows NT or Windows 2000 automatically adjusts for daylight savings time, the times on files (NTFS only) and the events in the event logs are retroactively adjusted by one hour, even though these were created before the time change?

NOTE: To configure automatic adjustment for daylight savings time, Control Panel / Date/Time / Time Zone tab and check Automatically Adjust for Daylight Saving Time.

Windows NT / 2000 systems compute times as offsets from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). When Automatically Adjust for Daylight Saving Time is configured, an hour is added/subtracted to GMT during the adjustment.

If you use event view to view another machine accross a time zone, the event times appear relative to your local time.

When a client accesses network resources, they are passed the GMT time of the NTFS file, which is then adjusted for the time zone they are set for.

Windows NT and Windows 2000 clients also adjust for daylight saving time and display the files time stamp using the correct local time, including daylight saving time settings.

W9x clients do not adjust the file time stamp for daylight saving time, which makes the time appear one hour off.

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