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JSI Tip 3039. You can't boot the Recovery Console?

If you can't boot the Recovery Console from the four Setup disks, the CD-ROM, the installed menu option, or a Boot Floppy, you may be able boot the Recovery Console from the network, using the Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE) or if the NIC supports the Remote Install boot floppy disk PXE emulator.

To do this you can use RIS to boot the client into text-mode Setup, and then select the Recovery Console.

NOTE: The following process resets the computer's machine account in Active Directory. The computer will have to rejoin the domain. DO NOT try this on a domain controller.

To add this option to the RIS server, create a .sif template that is ACL accessible by Administrators only. The .sif file contains:

floppyless = "1"
msdosinitiated = "1"
OriTyp = "4"
LocalSourceOnCD = 1

OsLoadOptions = "/noguiboot /fastdetect"
SetupSourceDevice ="\Device\LanmanRedirector\%SERVERNAME%\RemInst\%INSTALLPATH%"

OrgName = "%ORGNAME%"
ComputerName = %MACHINENAME%

Repartition = no
Description ="Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional - Recovery Console"
Help ="Allows user to perform repair operations, without local media, of a Windows Professional installation."
LaunchFile = "%INSTALLPATH%\%MACHINETYPE%\templates\"
ImageType =Flat
NOTE: The Repartition = no and the \[UserData\] section are required.

When the Welcome To Setup screen appears, either press F10 or R to repair, and then press C for the Recovery Console.

NOTE: When the repairs are complete, you MUST rejoin the domain.

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