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JSI Tip 3027. You can NOT change your dynamic boot disk to basic disk?

When you try to use Disk Management, the Revert to basic disk is NOT available.

Windows 2000 does not support reverting your boot disk from a dynamic disk to a basic disk.

Disk Management will convert non-boot disks from dynamic partitions to basic partitions.

To resolve the problem:

1. Take a full system backup, including the System State.

2. Verify that backup contains all your data and that it is usable.

3. Boot the setup media.

4. When prompted to install Windows 2000 to a partition on your boot disk, record the size of all the partitions.

5. Delete all the partitions, on the boot disk.

6. Create partitions on the boot disk which are exactly the same size as in step 4.

7. Install Windows 2000.

8. After setup completes, restore your full system backup.

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