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JSI Tip 3002. How do I enable ICS on a network connection?

You can use ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) to connect a small network to the Internet. ICS enables NAT (Network Address Translation) on your dial-up or NIC connection, providing addressing and name resolution for all the computers on the network.

To enable ICS on a network connection:

1. Logon as an account that has Administrative privledges.

2. Control Panel / Network and Dial-up Connections.

3. Right-click the connection that you wish to share and press Properties.

4. Select the Sharing tab.

5. Check the Enable Internet Connection Sharing for this connection box.

6. If this is a Dial-up connection, check the Enable on-demand dialing box, if you want it to automatically dial when another computer on the network tries to use an external resource.

NOTE: Do NOT enable ICS on a Windows 2000 Domain Controller, or on any computer running the DNS Server or DHCP Server service.

NOTE: The ICS computer must be the only gateway to the Internet.

NOTE: Once ICS is enabled, you can NOT modify the default network configuration.

NOTE: See tips 2971, 2259 and 2696

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