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JSI Tip 2985. How can I get a list of files that do not conform to the 8.3 naming convention?

Using the technique in tip 0494, it should be have been easy to accomplish this, by just comparing the short file name (SFN) to the long file name (LFN), and it was, for the files in the root of the drive. Due to a parser error, it turned out to be more complicated.

To use LFN.BAT:

LFN <DriveLetter:>

Example: LFN C:

LFN.BAT contains:

@echo off
if \[%1\]==\[\] goto syntax
set drive=%1if not exist %drive% goto syntax
cd /d %drive%
set output=%drive%$$lfn.txt
@echo \[%drive%\]>%output%
for /f "tokens=*" %%i in ('dir /b /a-d') do (
 if /i "%%~snxi" NEQ "%%i" echo %drive%%%i>>%output%)
FOR /f "tokens=*" %%q IN ('dir /b /ad /s') do call :sub "%%q"
goto end
@echo Command syntax: lfn Drive: (lfn c:)
goto end
set folder=%1
set folder=%folder:"=%
pushd "%folder%"
for /f "tokens=*" %%i in ('dir /b /a-d') do set file=%%i&call :sub2 %%i
goto end
if /i "%file%" NEQ "%1" echo %folder%\%file%>>%output%&goto end
set work1=%file:~0,9%
set work2=%work1:.=%
if /i "%work1%" EQU "%work2%" echo %folder%\%file%>>%output%&goto end
set short=%~snx1
If "%file%" EQU "%short%" goto end
set work=%short:^~=%
If "%work%" EQU "%short%" goto end
echo %folder%\%file%>>%output%

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