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JSI Tip 2975. My Windows 2000 ZIP disk will NOT eject?

If you press the eject button on the front of your computer, the ZIP disk will NOT eject?

If the disk is formatted as NTFS, it will not eject, as NTFS is considered a fixed-disk file system and Windows 2000 locks any NTFS mounted drives.

If you are an Administrator, right-click the ZIP drive icon on your desktop and press Software eject.

If you do NOT have Administrator privileges, you will receive an error message similar to:

An error was encountered trying to unmount 'Removable Disk(X:)'.

You can allow a non-administrator to manage removeable media:

01. Start / Run / MMC / OK.

02. Using the Console menu, Press Add/Remove Snap-in.

03. Press Add / Group Policy / Add.

04. Select Local Computer in the Group Policy Object box and press Finish.

05. Press Close and OK.

06. Expand the Local Computer Policy.

07. Navigate to Computer Configuration \ Windows Settings \ Security Settings \ Local Policies \ Security Options.

08. Right-click Allowed to eject removable NTFS media.

09. Press Security.

10. Select Administrators and Power Users or Administrators and Interactive Users in the Local policy setting box and press OK.

11. Exit the MMC.

12. Open a CMD prompt and type:

    secedit /refreshpolicy machine_policy.

NOTE: This policy DOES apply to ejecting, labeling, and reformatting removable media that uses either NTFS or FAT.

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