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JSI Tip 2969. Your laptop does NOT have the option to upgrade basic disk to dynamic?

When you try to use Computer Management / Disk Management (Diskmgmt.msc) to upgrade your laptop to dynamic disk, you can't?

Windows 2000 does not currently support this option on laptops, even though mine can mount three 25GB disks in the case.

The assumption is that most laptops have a single disk, so they can not take advantage of the advanced volume options. Dynamic disks have advantages only when there are 2 or more dynamic disks in the system, which permits the 1MB database that contains the partitioning and fault tolerant membership information to be replicated accross all dynamic disks, for redundancy.

All the dynamic disks are members of the same disk group, and only one group is currently permitted in disk management. A possible future add-on product may allow additional groups.

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