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JSI Tip 2950. Windows 2000 Phone Book Administrator message - 'No Changes Have Been Made to Service Pop Information'?

When you try to save changes in PBA, you receive:

No changes have been made to service pop information. 
under the following conditions: 
You have not made any changes to the phone book entry since you saved the last revision.
This is generally caused by a corrupted phone book entry, which might be caused by modifying the phone book without using PBA.

Try the following steps to resolve the problem:

1. Modify a phone book entry and try to save it. If the problem persists, continue with step 2.

2. Open the phone book database file with Microsoft Access. Double-click the delta table and sort the records on the DeltaNum column, in descending order.

3. Delete the first row, which is generally the corrupted entry.

4. Close the delta table and exit Access.

5. Try to modify and save changes in PBA.

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