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JSI Tip 2916. Meaningless Security log 617 events in Windows 2000?

When you enable the Audit policy change policy in the Default Domain Policy or in the Default Domain Controllers Policy, a Success event 617 is logged, even if no policy change has occurred?

By default, Security policy is progagated:

- Every 5 minutes when the domain controller's GPO is refreshed.

- Every 16 hours, regardless of whether or not a policy change has occurred.

- When you use the SECEDIT /RefreshPolicy machine_policy /enforce command.

If no policy changes occured since the last update, something like the following is logged:

Date: 9/13/2000                   Source:   Security
Time: 9:30:17 AM                  Category: Policy Change
Type: Success                     Event ID: 617
Computer: JSI001

"Kerberos Policy Changed:

Changed By:
 	User Name:	JSI001$
 	Domain Name:	JSIINC
 	Logon ID:	(0x0,0x3E7)
Changes made:
('--' means no changes, otherwise each change is shown as:
<ParameterName>: <new value> (<old value>))

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