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JSI Tip 2905. More on running a Control Panel applet from the command line.

In tip 0258, I listed the typical Control Panel applets for a Windows NT 4.0 system.

In tip 2667, I detailed the execution of Control Panel applets for a typical Windows 2000 system.

You can also run Control Panel applets using Control.exe, on both systems, using the following syntax:

Control c:\winnt\system32\<applet.cpl>\[,function\]

NOTE: The function is only required when an applet provides multiple functions.

Here are the typical commands for Windows NT 4.0, but you can easily see what works in Windows 2000, from the previous tips:

   Control c:\winnt\system32\telephon.cpl,Telephony
   Control c:\winnt\system32\ups.cpl,UPS
   Control c:\winnt\system32\telephon.cpl,Telephony
   Control c:\winnt\system32\srvmgr.cpl,Server
   Control c:\winnt\system32\srvmgr.cpl,Services
   Control c:\winnt\system32\srvmgr.cpl,Devices
   Control c:\winnt\system32\ncpa.cpl,Network
   Control c:\winnt\system32\main.cpl,Mouse
   Control c:\winnt\system32\main.cpl,Keyboard
   Control c:\winnt\system32\main.cpl,Printers
   Control c:\winnt\system32\main.cpl,Fonts
   Control c:\winnt\system32\odbccp32.cpl,ODBC
   Control c:\winnt\system32\console.cpl,Console
   Control c:\winnt\system32\appwiz.cpl,Add/Remove Programs
   Control c:\winnt\system32\access.cpl,Accessibility Options
   Control c:\winnt\system32\inetcpl.cpl,Internet
   Control c:\winnt\system32\DESK.CPL,Display
   Control c:\winnt\system32\DEVAPPS.CPL,PC Card (PCMCIA)
   Control c:\winnt\system32\DEVAPPS.CPL,SCSI Adapters
   Control c:\winnt\system32\DEVAPPS.CPL,Tape Devices
   Control c:\winnt\system32\INTL.CPL,Regional Settings
   Control c:\winnt\system32\MMSYS.CPL,Multimedia
   Control c:\winnt\system32\MMSYS.CPL,Sounds
   Control c:\winnt\system32\MODEM.CPL,Modems
   Control c:\winnt\system32\PORTS.CPL,Ports
   Control c:\winnt\system32\SYSDM.CPL,System
   Control c:\winnt\system32\TIMEDATE.CPL,Date/Time

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