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JSI Tip 2895. What do the Internet Explorer cache settings mean?

The Internet Explorer cache settings control wether a page is retrieved from the web site or displayed from the temporary internet files cache.

To configure the settings, use the appropriate procedure:

Internet Explorer 4.x

Use the View menu and press Internet Options.

Internet Explorer 5.x

Use the Tools menu and press Internet Options.

Both IE 4.x and 5.x

Press the Settings button in the Temporary Internet Files section.

Select the option and press OK and OK.

The cache settings are:

Every visit to the page - Internet Explorer does not use the cached temporary Internet files.

Every time you start Internet Explorer - If you visit a site that was previously visited in the same session, IE uses the cached temporary Internet files, unless you press F5 or Refresh.

Automatically (IE 5.x only) - Works like Every time you start Internet Explorer, but IE builds a history of the page from previous sessions. If IE determines that the page changes infrequently, it does NOT check for new images at the start of every session.

Never - Internet Explorer does NOT check the Web server for newer content.

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