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JSI Tip 2888. How do I navigate Windows 2000 help using the keyboard?

See tip 2415 to see the keyboard shortcut keys in menus and dialogues.

To open Help, press CTRL+Esc and then h.

To switch between the right and left pane, press F6. Unfortuneatly, there is no visual cue to help who know which pane your are in.

To navigate the left pane:

ALT+c will select the Contents tab.
ALT+n will select the Index tab.
ALT+i will select the Favorites tab.
ALT+s will select the Search tab. Key a search and press Enter. Tab and Tab will select the first result.

On all tabs, the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW key will scroll. Pessing Enter on a highlighted topic will display that topic in the right pane.

To navigate the right pane:

Use the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW key to scroll. Use the Tab key to move from one hyperlink to the next.

General help:

Type keyboard shortcuts on the Index tab and select in Help Viewer to get additional keyboard help.

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