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JSI Tip 2861. Your Add Printer wizard doesn't work and your installed printers are not shown?

You experience some/all of the following, when using the Windows 2000 Add Printer wizard:

1. When you double-click the Add Printer wizard, it doesn't start.

2. Server Properties on the File menu of the Printers folder doesn't open.

3. Previously installed printers don't appear in the Printers folder.

You probably have older versions or 3rd party DLL files in both the %SystemRoot% and %SystemRoot%\System32 folders.

To fix the problem, rename all the .DLL files in the %SystemRoot% folder, that appear in the both folders, to .OLD, except:


You must restart your computer after you make these changes.

NOTE: Only the above three .DLL are supposed to be in the %SystemRoot% folder. Any other .DLL files in the %SystemRoot% folder were added by a 3rd party program. Renaming some this these .DLL files may cause their associated programs to malfunction.

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