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JSI Tip 2853. Windows 2000 dialing rules are not being applied?

Your dialing rules are not being applied to Windows 2000 applets, such as Phone Dialer and Fax?

When you enter a phone number for these applets, you must use canonical form:

+Country/RegionCode (AreaCode) SubscriberNumber

To enter a phone number for a North American subscriber, use +1 (123) 456-7890.

From the Windows 2000 help file:

Canonical address format for phone numbers

The canonical address format is a universal phone number format recognized by the Windows Telephony API (TAPI).
Some address book programs store numbers in this format. If a number is not being dialed correctly,
you may try saving or entering the number in this format. The format explicitly identifies the components of a 
phone number, which TAPI translates according to a country or region's dialing rules. The canonical format is:

+Country/RegionCode (AreaCode) SubscriberNumber

For example, this is how you would enter a number for a subscriber in the United States of America in canonical format:

+1 (425) 555-0100 


+  Indicates that the number is in canonical format. 

Country/RegionCode - The standard country/region code that identifies the country or region for a phone number. 
This contains one or more digits from 0 through 9. The country/region code is delimited by the space that follows it. 

(AreaCode) - The area or city code for the phone number. This may contain one or more digits from 0 through 9
 and is delimited by parentheses. This component is omitted for countries that do not use area or city codes. 

SubscriberNumber -  The number for a phone subscriber. This contains one or more digits from 0 to 9, formatting characters,
 or the dialing control characters: 
A a B b C c D d P p T t W w * # ! @ $ ? 

The subscriber number should not contain the following characters: 
( ) ^ 

Formatting characters in the subscriber numbers are normally spaces, periods, and dashes. 
Use formatting characters to make a phone number easier to read. 
They do not affect dialing, because TAPI discards them.

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