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JSI Tip 2848. Files that are recalled from RSS are prematurely re-migrated offline?

Files that are recalled from RSS (Remote Storage Services) are moved back to offline storage by the next RSS job?

Specifically, a user recalls a document from secondary storage and reads the document. The next day, a user opens the same document, and it is recalled from offline storage, even though the migration createria has not been met.

By design, this can happen since the recalled document had not been modified. If the freespace on the managed volume is below the desired setting, the file is truncated again. If the free space is above the RSS threshold, the file remains in a pre-migrated state.

NOTE: A pre-migrated file is one that has been copied to offline storage but not yet truncated.

NOTE: When a recalled file is updated, the changes a written to disk, and the file criteria counts start over at 0.

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