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JSI Tip 2833. While preparing a drive for deployment using the Winnt32 /syspart switch, the computer reboots?

In Windows 2000, Winnt32 /syspart prepares a destination disk drive for deployment, by copying all the boot files and temporary setup files to it, and marking it active.

NOTE: You insert a prepared destination drive in an another computer. When you power on, Windows 2000 setup continues.

To use the /syspart switch:

1. You must run Winnt32 from either Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000.

2. The computer your run it on must have at least 2 disk drives, as the destination disk drive will be removed.

3. The destination disk drive must have a primary partition, so it can be set active.

4. The destination disk drive must be formated, so winnt32 can copy files to it.

To prevent the source computer from rebooting, after winnt32 finishes copying:

winnt32.exe /tempdrive:<D> /syspart /noreboot

where <D> is the destination disk drive.

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