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JSI Tip 2823. IE 5.5 for Windows 2000 only shows 2 digits of the 'Days to Keep Pages in History' setting?

When you set the Days to Keep Pages in History option on the General tab of Internet Option, only two (2) digits of your setting are displayed?

If you set the option to 365 days, only 36 or 65 is displayed.

This is faulty display behavior and does not effect the actual setting, which can be as high as 999 days.

To fix the problem:

1. Control Panel / Display.

2. Select the Scrollbar Item on the Appearance tab.

3. Decrease the value in the Size box. If the value is 16, the default, set it to 10.

4. Press Apply and OK.

NOTE: You may wish to live with this problem, as the fix affects all scroll bars.

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