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JSI Tip 2818. Your Windows 2000 laptop switches to low resolution when returning from Hibernate and Standby?

The subject condition can happen in the following circumstances:

- The screen resolution is set to 1024 X 768 or 800 X 600 resolution.

- The 3D Maze screen saver is configured to run in Full Screen mode after one minute of inactivity.

- In the Power Options tool of Control Panel, the Critical Battery Alarm setting is set to a value that is less than the current battery level. The Alarm Action option is set to When the alarm goes off, the computer will Hibernate or Standby.

- You leave the computer running on battery power and the screen saver is activated.

To fix this problem, don't use the 3D Maze screen saver in Full Screen mode, or use the When the alarm goes off, the computer will Hibernate or Standby value for the Low Battery Alarm setting instead of the Critical Battery Alarm setting.

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