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JSI Tip 2804. How can I customize the <b>RIS</b> Client Installation Wizard screens?

RIS provides a set of Client Installation Wizard screens that prompts the user through the installion of an oprating system.

You can customize these screens to include phone numbers, contact information, email addresses, or anything else.

The screens are maintained in text files, using the OSCML (OSChooser Markup Language) and have a .osc extension. You can use HTML to customize the screens.

The .osc files are located in the \RemoteInstall\OSChooser\Language folder:

  choice.osc     Presents the user with the available types of installation options - Automatic, Custom, Restart Setup, Tools.
  choichlp.osc     Help screen describing the options for choice.osc.
  custhelp.osc     Help screen for custom installation option.
  custom.osc     Presents the user with fields to customize the installation - sets the computer name and DS Path.
  dupauto.osc     Screen that is displayed when a duplicate GUIDs exist in the Active Directory.
  dupcust.osc     Screen that is displayed when duplicate GUIDs are detected. This screen allows setup to continue.
  install.osc     Computer settings that will be applied during the installation - computer account, GUID, Servicing RIS Server.
  login.osc     Initial logon screen.
  loginhlp.osc     Help screen for login.osc.
  multilng.osc     Lists available multilanguage installation flats/images.
  nochoice.osc     The RIS Server is not able to present any installation selection options.
  nooses.osc     The RIS Server is not able to display any operating system choices.
  oschoice.osc     This screen presents available operating systems to install.
  rstrterr.osc     The option to restart Setup has failed on the Client.
  tools.osc     Allows the user to choose which tools option to launch.
  toolshlp.osc     Help screen for tools.osc.
  warning.osc     Warning screen indicating that the hard drive will be formatted as part of the installation.
  welcome.osc     Welcome to the Client Installation Wizard screen.
  00004e22.osc     The specified computer name exists in Active Directory.
  00004e23.osc     The specified computer name contains invalid characters.
  00004e24.osc     The specified Directory Service Container cannot be found.
  00004e25.osc     A unique computer name could not be generated for the computer installation.
  00004e26.osc     A temporary unattended setup answer file could not be created.
  00004e28.osc     The specified username, password or domain name could not be validated.
  00004e29.osc     An account is missing batch logon rights. The logon was validated but a specified and necessary right has not been granted.
  00004e2a.osc     Timeout error: The RIS Server dropped the connection due to a lack of activity.
  00004e2f.osc     The RIS Server received invalid information from the PXE Client.
  00004e30.osc     An invalid or corrupted computer account object was detected.
  00004e43.osc     Unable to contact Directory Services.
  00004e45.osc     A requested action cannot be performed due to missing or invalid information. One of the Client Installation Wizard screens may be missing a key variable.
  00004e47.osc     RIS Server cannot convert information. The folder/object may not exist in the Active Directory.
  00004e48.osc     Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) provided by the client computer is not valid.
  00004e4b.osc     The DNS path cannot be converted to a Fully Qualified Domain Name.
  00004e4c.osc     The computer account object could not be updated in the Active Directory.
  00004e4e.osc     PXE Client computer state could not be initialized
  00004e4f.osc     Currently logged-in user does not have the appropriate rights to create or modify a computer account in Active Directory.
  00004e50.osc     RIS Server cannot create temporary client files.
  00004e51.osc     Setup cannot restart because the answer file is missing.
  00004e52.osc     Setup cannot restart because the answer file is either missing or corrupted.
  00004e53.osc     The message from an RIS Server was too long and could not be displayed in the Client Installation Wizard screen.

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