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JSI Tip 2781. Troubleshooting DVD problems in Windows 2000.

Microsoft has written a Knowledge Base article, Q249334 - Troubleshooting DVD problems in Windows 2000. The article begins with:

"Windows 2000 supports DVD video playback as well as the ability to read DVD-ROMs.
This article describes support for DVD video playback and covers the following areas: 

Requirements for DVD Video Playback

Software Decoder Issues in Windows 2000

DVD Video Questions and Answers

DVD Region Settings

General DVD Video Troubleshooting


Requirements for DVD Video Playback

Windows 2000 requires the following items for DVD video playback: 

DVD-ROM drive: can be an IDE or a SCSI drive.

DVD decoder - can be either a hardware decoder (physical card in the computer)
              or a software decoder (usually some type of DVD player tool).

Video card/video card driver that supports DirectShow and Macrovision copy protection.

Sound card.

DVD player tool - Windows 2000 places a shortcut to a basic DVD video player
                  on the Start menu when a supported decoder is detected."

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