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JSI Tip 2771. How do I redirect the 'My Documents' folder for all users?

In tip 2206 ยป Windows 2000 folder redirection, I described Windows 2000 folder redirection.

To redirect every users My Documents folder:

1. Logon to a domain controller as a member of the Domain Admin group.

2. Start / Run / MMC / OK.

3. Console / Add/Remove Snap-in.

4. Add the Group Policy snap-in.

5. Select the Default Domain Policy.

6. User Configuration / Windows Settings / Folder Redirection.

7. Right-click My Document and press Properties.

8. Press Basic.

9. In the Target Folder Location box, type the path as \\ServerName\ShareName\%username%.

NOTE: Redirection of the users' My Document folder happens when the user logs on. The network folder is automatically created.

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