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JSI Tip 2746. WFP prompts a RIS client for installation media?

When a Windows 2000 system file is deleted or replaced, WFP repairs the file
using the local %SystemRoot%\System32\DLLCache folder or the %SystemRoot%\Driver Cache\I386\ file.

If WFP can't find the file. it should use the RIS server's installation source folder. If you install a RIS client using a Riprep image, WFP may prompt for the installation media in the local CD-ROM drive.

The problem is caused by the mini-setup wizard setting an erroneous SourcePath when it detects a CD-ROM drive during RIS installation of a Riprep image. To fix the problem, use Regedt32 to navigate to:


Double-click the SourcePath value name in the right-hand pane and change the string to

Exit Regedt32 and restart the client.

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