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JSI Tip 2715. The TCP/IP protocol is missing from the Network tool in the Windows NT 4.0 Control Panel?.

If the TCP/IP protocol is not listed in the Select Network Protocol dialog in the Network tool of Control Panel, then %SystemRoot%\System32\Oemnxptc.inf is missing or the Oemnxptc.inf registry key and values are missing from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Ncpa\InfOptions.

NOTE: If you delete the %SystemRoot%\System32\Oemnxptc.inf file, the registry key is automatically deleted when you start Control Panel / Network.

To resolve the problem:

Expand <CD-ROM:>\I386\Oemnxptc.in_ %SystemRoot%\System32\Oemnxptc.inf

If this does not correct the problem, do the expand again and import the following:



If the above fails to correct the problem, do the import again and perform an update install of Windows NT 4.0, followed by re-application of your latest service pack.

If all the above fail to work, you must do a clean new install.

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