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JSI Tip 2703. Sometimes, ordinary users can install a 3rd party Windows 2000 device driver, and sometimes they can't?

If a device has a Plug and Play device ID and matching digitally-signed driver, no additional permissions or rights are required. Ordinary users can install / uninstall the device. Additionally, any new hardware device of the same type, such as a hardware-rank match, can be installed.

NOTE: If the device doesn't provide a serial number, it may appear as new. These devices rely on location to identify themselves, and plugging then into a different 'port' causes them to be detected as new hardware.

If the device does not meet the above criteria, the user requires administrative privileges, either by being a member of the local Administrators group or by using the Runas command:

runas /u:<YourComputer>\administrator mmc.exe devmgmt.msc

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