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JSI Tip 2683. Windows 2000 setup does not verify that INT-13 extensions are enabled before creating the System partition

When you install Windows 2000, it can delete, create, and format the system/boot partition with the following maximum sizes:

FAT     - up to 2GB
FAT32 - up to 32GB
NTFS   - up to 2 TB (TeraBytes).

The system partition contains the system startup files,, NTLDR, Boot.ini, and Ntbootdd.sys (if the SCSI BIOS is disabled).

Windows 2000 uses the BIOS INT-13 extensions if the system partition has more than 1,024 cylinders.

When setup boots to GUI-mode, you will receive the following, if INT-13 is not enabled:

A disk read error occurred.
Press Crtl+Alt+Del to restart.

Enable the INT-13 extensions in your SCSI BIOS. If you can't, you are restricted to ~7.8GB (256 heads, 1024 cylinders, and 63 sectors of 512 bytes).

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