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JSI Tip 2681. What was fixed in Service Pack 1 for Internet Explorer 5.01?

To obtain the latest service pack for Internet Explorer 5.01, see Q267954 - How to Obtain the Latest Internet Explorer 5.01 Service Pack.

The following articles describe the fixes:

Q261257 Malformed Component Attribute Issue in Internet Explorer
Q258430 Web Site May Retrieve Cookies from Your Computer
Q257723 FIX: XML Data Island Does Not Load Correctly in Internet Explorer
Q257675 Windows Explorer May Hang When Viewing Images
Q257672 "Illegal Operation" Error Message or Internet Explorer May Hang When Right-Clicking an Attribute Field
Q256344 Internet Explorer Problems When RAS Services Are Disabled
Q255676 DocumentComplete on IFRAME May Cause Cross-Domain Security Issues
Q254637 Memory Leak in Internet Explorer When Background Image Is Resized
Q254518 AOL Image Support Update for Windows 2000
Q252880 window.close Property Returns Incorrect Value
Q252609 Portable Document Format Files Not Opened in Internet Explorer When Parameter List Exceeds 46 Characters
Q251207 OLEXP: Users Seem to Lose Messages or Attachments When Logging Off Windows NT
Q251109 Local Files May Be Accessed By Using JavaScript Linked to Image Tag
Q251108 Update Available for the "Frame Domain Verification" Issue
Q250915 Error Message: Access to the Resource 'HTTP://' Has Been Disallowed
Q250573 Access Violation in MSHTML Using window.clipboardData.setData("Text", field.value))
Q250547 Incorrect PCL Printer Output for Italic Accented Characters
Q249860 Kernel32 Error Message in Task Scheduler (Mstask.exe) with Terminal Server Edition
Q249254 Map Images May Not Print Properly When Using Internet Explorer
Q249073 GPF Customizing the Start Menu Using Taskbar Properties
Q248630 Complex DHTML Pages Cause Memory Usage to Increase Beyond Bounds
Q247663 .pdf File Is Displayed as a Blank Page on Redirects
Q247333 Web Proxy Auto-Discovery "Spoofing" May Change Proxy Settings
Q247303 ToolTips Do Not Appear When Browser Window Is Scrolled
Q246767 Internet Explorer 5 Stops Responding When Accessing a Gopher Search Page
Q246582 Problems with DPA Authentication Over Proxy Server
Q245763 Source Text in the "Enter Network Password" Dialog Box Is Too Small
Q245758 Error 403 When Posting Data to a Web Server
Q244336 URL Is Truncated If Longer Than 255 Characters for Plug-ins and ActiveX Controls
Q243927 Access Violation When Dragging Text from Input Field
Q242948 Problem Accessing HTML Files in an Exchange Public Folder By Using Outlook Web Access
Q242894 Small GIF Files Not Displayed with IIS Document Footers
Q242544 Cannot Keep Favorites with Automatic Configuration Script
Q241767 Profile Settings Not Installed for Users Without Local Administrator Access Using Custom .cab/.ins Files
Q241727 Internet Explorer Does Not Display Updated Files Over FTP Uniform Resource Locator
Q240121 Cannot Display More Than 248 Columns of Text Using PRE Tag
Q238391 onChange Event Responds Incorrectly
Q236422 .pac File Is Applied to LAN Instead of DUN Connection

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