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JSI Tip 2678. Enable verbose logging in the Windows 2000 GUI-Mode setup.

To troubleshoot device and device driver issues in Windows 2000 setup, you can enable verbose logging in the %SystemRoot%\Setupapi.log file.

To accomplish this you must use a network or slipstream install:

1. Make a backup copy the Hivestf.inf file which is located in the \I386 folder of the distribution share.

2. Use a text editor like notepad and locate the following line in the Hivestf.inf file:

HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup","DriverCachePath",0x00020002,"%SystemRoot%\Driver Cache"

3. Add 3 new lines below this entry:

; added the following line
; ends here

4. Exit the text editor and install from the distribution share.

NOTE: While in the GUI-Mode portion of setup, you can verify the above registry entry by pressing SHIFT+F10 to start a CMD prompt. Run Regedt32 to verify the LogLevel value.

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