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JSI Tip 2672. How do I brand my Windows 2000 installations?

To add branding and support information to System Properties (right click My Computer and press Properties
or Control Panel / System), you need to create two files in %SystemRoot%\System32.

Create an Oemlogo.bmp file that measures 172 x 172 pixels. if the bitmap is smaller, it will be centered in the rectangle. If it is larger, it will be cropped. It is possible that certain display resolutions will require a smaller bitmap.

Create an Oeminfo.ini file, using the following model:

\[General\] Manufacturer=JSI, Inc. Model=Dell Inspiron 7500 SupportURL= LocalFile=%windir%\web\jsi\support.htm  \[OEMSpecific\] SubModel=Optional line            SerialNo=Optional line OEM1=Optional private info                      OEM2=More private info                   \[ICW\] Product=Your Product Name  \[Support Information\] Line1=For Technical Support: Line2=   To obtain information on frequently Line3=   asked questions, go to the JSI, Inc. Line4=   support web site at: Line5=    Line6= Line7=     Line8=    If you need additional assistance, you can call ... Line9=     Line10=    Line11=    Line12=    Line13=    Line14=    Line15=    Line16=    Line17=    Line18=    Line19=
The information in the \[General\] section is displayed on the System Properties dialog and a Support Information button is created.                                                                                                         

Note: The \[General\] and \[Support Information\] sections are required. Do NOT leave any trailing spaces after your company name.


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