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JSI Tip 2637. Additional NTFRS log files.

In addition to the NTFRS log files discussed in tip 2636, additional NTFRS log files are located at %SystemRoot%\Debug.

The Ntfrsapi.log contains promotion and demotion events.

The Ntfrs_0001.log - Ntfrs_0005.log contains transactions and event details.

The size and verbosity of the log files are controlled by 3 Value Names, REG_DWORD data types, at:


Debug Maximum Log Messages defaults to 10000 (decimal) and results in a log file between 1.7 - 2.4 MB. The maximum is 0xFFFFFFFF.

Debug Log File defaults to 5. Once this number of log files have been created, the lowest version is deleted and the remaining filesnames are decremented to make room for a new file.

Debug Log Severity defaults to 2 and controls the verbosity. A value of 0 is minimal logging and a value of 5 is the maximum verbosity.

NOTE: The default setting of 10000 in Debug Maximum Log Messages may not be sufficently large to prevent an autostarting NTFRS service from flooding and scavenging the Ntfrs_0005.log in the event of replications error. Stop the service on the inbound and outbound replicas as soon as you discover an error. You may wish to double the number to 20000 or more.

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