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JSI Tip 2581. Unwanted components are listed when you run the BackOffice 4.5 Deployment Wizard on Windows 2000?

The Setup Configuration Information box lists:

Certificate Server
Microsoft Queue Service
Microsoft Transaction Server

even though you did not select them?

To remove them:

1. Close and save the Unattend.ini file from the Setup Configuration Information box.

2. Use Notepad to open %SystemRoot%\Temp\Unattend.ini.

3. Find the following strings:

    Windows NT Option Pack\Certificate Server
    Windows NT Option Pack\Microsoft Message Queue
    Windows NT Option Pack\Transaction Server

4. Under each of the above entries, change the InstallAction line to InstallAction=NONE.

5. Save and exit the Unattend.ini file.

6. Run the Deployment Wizard and specify the updated Unattend.ini file to continue your installation.

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