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JSI Tip 2578. The Windows 2000 Magnifier and Utility Manager.

If you have dimished vision, the Magnifier tool can make the screen more readable.

Microsoft provides a minimal set of tools for persons with special needs. See

The Magnifier tool can be started from Start / Programs / Accessories / Accessibility / Magnifier. With Magnifier, you can:

Change the magnification level

Change the size of the magnification window 

Change the position of the magnification window on your desktop

Invert the screen colors 

Use a high-contrast setting 

Follow the mouse pointer as it moves on your screen 

Follow the keyboard focus that centers on the location of the insertion point 

Following text editing
The Utility Manager can be started at Start / Programs / Accessories / Accessibility / Utility Manager or by pressing the Windows Logo key and typing U. The Utility Manager provides access to Magnifier and Narrator. You can add the On-Screen Keyboard by pressing Add to Utility Manager from the On-Screen Keyboard File menu. Narrator starts automatically with Utility Manager.

You can use Utility Manager to automatically start Magnifier when Windows 2000 starts.

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