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JSI Tip 2565. How do I add an SBS Modem Sharing Port on Windows 2000 Professional?

The Modem Sharing client help contains Windows NT 4.0 information and does not work on Windows 2000 Professional.

To add an SBS Modem Sharing port on Windows 2000 Professional, use the Netmodem.exe tool that is included with the Windows 2000 Modem Sharing client:

1. Open a CMD prompt and type:

    netmodem use * \\<servername>\<pool>

    where <servername> is the SBS server and <pool> is the modem pool configured on <servername>.

3. Use the Hardware Wizard to install a modem on the new port:

    - Control Panel / Phone and Modem Options

    - Press Add on the Modem tab.

    - Let the wizard detect and install the modem/drivers.

NOTE: If the wizard doesn't add the drivers, you may have to add them manually.

See Q224504 - Modem Sharing Installs the Netmodem Tool.

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