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JSI Tip 2555. How do I eliminate the need to 'Show files' when I navigate the %SystemRoot% and %SystemRoot%\System32 folders?

To eliminate the need to press show files:

1. Create a temporary folder in your C: root (C:\noshow).

2. Select the C:\noshow folder in My Computer.

3. Press the View menu and press Customize This Folder....

4. Press Next, Next, Next, and Finish.

5. Remove the customization by pressing View / Customize This Folder... / Next.

6. Press Remove Customization, Next, Next, and Finish.

7. Copy C:\noshow\desktop.ini to both %SystemRoot% and %SystemRoot%\System32, over writing the existing desktop.ini.

8. Delete the c:\noshow folder.

NOTE: You could actually apply any desired customizations during step 4.

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