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JSI Tip 2553. Should I consider upgrading my W9x clients to Windows 2000 Professional?

Minimum Resource requirements

133 MHZ or faster Pentium compatible CPU.

64 MB of RAM, more is better.

650 MB free space on the boot partition, more is better.

NOTE: Download the Microsoft Windows 2000 Readiness Analyzer frequently, as it is constantly updated.

Similarities between Windows 2000 and W9x

01. FAT16 support.

02. W95 (OSR2), W98, and Windows 2000 support FAT32.

03. USB 1.1 support.

04. AGP support.

05. File and printer sharing.

06. Plug and Play.

07. W98 and Windows 2000 support multiple monitors.

08. W98 2nd editions and Windows 2000 support Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).

09. W98 and Windows 2000 support FireWire 1394.

10. Long file Name Support.

11. Dial-Up Networking (DUN).

12. W98 and Windows 2000 support DVD.

Windows 2000 additional features

01. NTFS file system support.

02. Windows 2000 Profesional supports dual processors (Server supports 4).

03. User / Group security at the folder, file, share, and registry key level.

04. Built in policies for configuration and security.

05. Windows File Protection prevents system files from being over written.

06. Microsoft signs 3rd party device drivers so you know they have been tested.

07. Enhanced power management and Plug and Play capabilities for ACPI computers.

08. Many changes can be made on the fly, without requiring a restart.

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