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JSI Tip 2529. You can slipstream install Windows 2000 and a service pack.

Slipstreaming integrates the Service pack installation with the Windows 2000 installation, as a single installation.

To perform a slipstream installation:

1. Create a distribution folder (C:\Win2000), and share, on your Windows 2000 'server' and
    XCOPY <Windows 2000 CD_ROM Drive:>\ c:\Win2000 /e.

2. Slipstream the service pack by running
    <Windows 2000 Service Pack CD_ROM Drive:>\i386\update\update.exe /s:C:\Win2000.

3. Install Windows 2000 from the distribution share.

NOTE: The slipstream replaces installation files with service pack files and modifies the necessary checksums.

NOTE: Slipstreamed service packs can NOT be uninstalled.

NOTE: Update.exe /s: builds a %SystemRoot%\Svcpack.log file. You may want to rename it so the next slipstream doesn't overwrite it.

See tip 2938.

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