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JSI Tip 2516. Managing Windows 2000 service failures.

In Windows 2000, you can configure a First failure, Second failure and Subsequent failures action to be performed if the service fails.

To do so:

1. Press Start / Programs / Administrative Tools / Services.

2. Double-click the service you wish to configure.

3. On the Recovery tab, select from:

        Take No Action    (the default)

        Restart the Service

        Run a File

        Reboot the Computer

If you select Run a File, type one of the following:

        forcedos.exe <Drive:>\Folder\batchfile.bat

        wscript.exe <Drive:>\Folder\VBscriptfile.vbs

        wscript.exe <Drive:>\Folder\JAVAscriptfile.js

Press OK and exit the Services Manager.

NOTE: Monitoring for failures requires minimal overhead as the Event log entries are monitored instead of polling the service status.

NOTE: Netsvc and SC are also included in the Windows 2000 resource kit.

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