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JSI Tip 2467. How do the built-in drivers for Windows 2000 treat CD-R, CD-RWm and DVD-R devices?.

"The built-in Windows 2000 drivers for CD-R, CD-RW, and DVD-R devices treat them as read-only devices".

NOTE: "No version of Microsoft Windows to date (Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 95, or Microsoft Windows 3.x) natively supports the ability to write to CD-R, CD-RW, or DVD-R devices. Writing to (or "burning") these devices requires third-party drivers and software in Windows 2000."

Third-Party Software

The following third-party software is known to support Windows 2000, but you should check with the manufacturer for proper version and updated software.

Adaptec CD-R Software
Easy CD Creator version 3.5c 
Easy CD Creator versions 4.0, 4.02 (4.02 is officially supported on Windows 2000) 
Adaptec DirectCD 3.01 
Adaptec Easy CD Creator version 3.5b or earlier, and Adaptec DirectCD versions 3.0 or earlier,
 are not supported on Windows 2000-based computers and may encounter problems if you install them.
See Q237468.

Software Architects
WriteDVD! 2000 version 1.0 

Golden Hawk Technology
Golden Hawk CD-R software version 3.8A 

Nero by Ahead Software
Nero CD-R Software version (is Windows 2000 compatible) 

Gear Software B.V.
Gear Pro version 4.41 
Gear Data version 4.41 
Gear Pro DVD version 2.0 
These versions support Windows 2000 with the Gear software drivers installed.

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