JSI Tip 2465. W9x client disconnects from Windows NT 4.0 RRAS server in 20 seconds?

Your W9x client can connect to a RRAS server, but they get disconnected within 20 seconds?

When you check the System event log on the RRAS server, it contains:

Event ID : 20050
Source : Router
Description: The user <Domain>\<Username> connected to port <Com x> has been disconnected
             because the computer could not be projected onto the network.
While troubleshooting, you may receive the an error while connecting with DUN, even from a Windows NT client?

This can be caused when the the W9x DUN client uses the same credentials as the Demand Dial interface on the RRAS server, causing the server to force IP address negotiation with the RAS client, as if it were a router.

To resolve the problem, either:

1. Re-create the Demain Dial interface using different credentials.

2. Change the logon user name of the DUN connection.

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