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JSI Tip 2420. Windows NT 4.0 cluster service does not start with Event ID 7023?

If you change network settings on a node in a functioning cluster, restarting the node may produce:

Event ID: 7023
Source: Service Control Manager
Description: The Cluster Server service terminated with the following error: The endpoint cannot be created.
If you manually start the Cluster service, you receive:
Could not start the Cluster Server service on <MachineName>
Error 1720 The endpoint cannot be created.
RPC is unabled to bind to the CDP ( Cluster Datagram Protocol), which is used for the heartbeat interface for inter-node communication.

To fix the problem, use Regedt32 to verify that permissions on the following keys are proper and the Provider List value name is correct:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Winsock\Setup Migration\Providers\Clusnet

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Winsock\Setup Migration

Value Name: Provider List
Data: Clusnet (There will be other data values as well)

Verify permissions and that the Transports value name is correct:


Value Name: Transports
Data: Clusnet (There will be other data values as well)

NOTE: If everything is correct, you may need to reinstall the Cluster service on the node.

NOTE: If Cluster Logging is enabled, the log may contain:

\[CS\] Initializing RPC server.
\[INIT\] Unable to bind RPC to CDP, status 1720
\[CS\] ClusterInitialize failed 1720
\[INIT\] The cluster service is shutting down.
\[FM\] Shutdown: Failover Manager requested to shutdown groups.
\[FM\] FmpCleanupGroups: Entry
\[Dm\] DmShutdown
\[DM\] DmpShutdownFlusher: Entry
\[DM\] DmpShutdownFlusher: Setting event
\[DM\] DmpRegistryFlusher: got 0
\[DM\] DmpRegistryFlusher: exiting
\[CPROXY\] clussvc terminated, error 1720
\[CPROXY\] Service Stopping...
\[CPROXY\] Cleaning up
\[CPROXY\] Cleanup complete.
\[CPROXY\] Service Stopped.

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