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JSI Tip 2401. When you schedule Delprof.exe to delete locally cached profiles on a remote computer, it doesn't?

When Windows NT roaming profile users logon to a workstation, a copy of their locally cached profile is stored on the workstation in %SystemRoot%\Profiles.

Delprof.exe from the

is designed to free up disk space by removing these:
delprof \[/q\] \[/i\] \[/p\] \[/c:\\computername\] \[/d:days\] \[/?\]


/q runs DelProf in quiet mode, with no confirmation for each profile to be deleted.
/i indicates that DelProf should ignore errors and continue deleting. 

/p prompts for confirmation before deleting each profile. 

/c:\\<computername> specifies a remote computer name on which to run DelProf. 

/d:<days> specifies the number of days of inactivity (days is an integer).
          Profiles with longer inactivity will be deleted. 
/? displays command-line syntax
By default, the Schedule service runs under the Local System account and has no network access. If you schedule Delprof.exe using the default context, the profile is not deleted, but it is removed from Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList. When the user logs onto that workstation, a new profile, <UserName>.00x, is created.

To resolve the issue, change the schedule service to run in a Domain Administrator context, which also has local administrative priviledges.

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