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JSI Tip 2398. Windows 2000 can only see 8 gigabytes of your larger IDE drive?

During text-mode setup, some IDE drives are seen as only being 8 gigabytes?

If your IDE drive is larger than 8.4 gigabytes, and reports that it has 15 heads, as apposed to 16 heads, the problem may occur.

If you are upgrading from Windows 98, setup may hang or display:

STOP 0x0000007B

When the drive reports 15 heads, Windows 2000 uses the CHS (Cylinders, Heads, and Sectors) method to calculate drive size, instead of LBA (Logical Block Addressing), which is used on 16 head drives.

There is currently no fix for the problem.

NOTE: I strongly recommend a clean install of Windows 2000, as apposed to upgrading any O/S.

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