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JSI Tip 2368. Windows 2000 Hot Docking.

Hot Docking / Undocking is defined as insertion / removal of your Windows 2000 laptop from a docking station, while the computer is fully powered.

Windows 2000 supports Hot Docking if:

1. The hardware supports it electrically.

2. Your ACPI BIOS is fully ACPI compliant.

3. Windows 2000 is notified before the undock event occurs, either with a hardware switch or the Eject PC menu.

Windows 2000 also supports Cold Docking / Undockling - the computer is powered off.

Warm Docking / Undocking is NOT supported as he system is in Standby or Hibernate mode. This is a Surprise event, as the BIOS will not notify Windows 2000.

The presence of any legacy drivers will disable Hot Docking support.

Avoid Hot Docking / Undocking if an ISA Plug and Play device is the docking station, as their is no way for Windows 2000 to know which device to remove when undocking.

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