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JSI Tip 2353. How can I use the DHCP Relay Agent to provide scope options for RAS clients?

If you configure the DHCP Relay Agent on your Windows 2000 RAS server, the clients will still receive an IP address from the RAS server, but they can use DHCPInform packets to receive WINS addresses, DNS addresses, domain names, or other DHCP options.

To configure the DHCP Relay Agent to work over RAS:

1. Open the Routing and Remote Access Administrative Tool.

2. Right-click General under IP Routing.

3. Press New.

4. Press Routing Protocol.

5. Press DHCP Relay Agent.

6. On the DHCP Relay Properties page, configure the IP address of any DHCP servers.

7. Right-click DHCP Relay Agent and select New Interface.

8. Press Internal, which is the virtual interface connected to all RAS clients.

NOTES: Send the domain name using DHCPInform because PPP doesn't.

NOTES: DNS and WINS addresses from DHCPInform override these address obtained from the RAS server.

NOTES: A DHCP server can NOT be installed on your RAS server.

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