JSI Tip 2332. How do I configure Windows NT RAS clients (WinNT,Win9x)?

Microsoft has written a knowledge Base article, Q232511 entitled Win95/98/NT Dialup, Authentication, Browsing Using TCPIP, IPX/SPX, or NetBEUI.

Here is a quote:

This article has been written to help clarify how Windows NT clients, such as Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT Workstation/Windows NT Server are supposed to be configured in order to successfully dial into a Windows NT network. The functionality of the clients includes dial-up authentication, domain authentication, gaining access to resources, and browsing.

This article can also be viewed as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and Webcast at the following location:


This article is a text summary of the presentation and has been broken down into the following sections:

Review of Networking Objectives

Review of Dial-up Components

Software and Hardware Checklist

Configuration of Clients and Servers (General)

Configuration of Clients and Servers (Protocol Specific)

NetBIOS Name Resolution - TCP/IP

Common Error Messages

Articles and References

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