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JSI Tip 2310. Internet Explorer 5.5 'download only' behavior.

In earlier versions of Internet Explorer, you can select/de-select specific components to include in the 'download only' installation.

In Windows NT, when you select the 'download only' option, you are not given a choice. The .cab files that are downloaded provide for a full installation on your Windows NT platform.

When you try to download from Windows 2000, no 'download only' is available. To perform the equivalent:

1. Click the language on the page.

2. Select Save to Disk and select a folder on your disk.

When the download finishes:

1. Start / Run / Browse and select the Ie5setup.exe file that you downloaded.

2. Press Open.

3. Click at the end of the command in the Open box and add:

      /c:"ie5wzd.exe /d /s:""#E

      Example: If you download to C:\Windows Update Setup Files, your command would be

      "C:\Windows Update Setup Files\ie5setup.exe" /c:"ie5wzd.exe /d /s:""#E

4. Press Enter.

5. Choose the appropriate items.

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