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JSI Tip 2307. Recent (April, 2000) Windows NT 4.0 Hotfixes.

I have come accross a number of public and non-public hotfixes for Windows NT 4.0, that you might want to obtain.

Public (you can download these):

Malformed Resource Enumeration Arguments May Cause Named Pipes and Other System Services to Fail.

Default Registry Key Permissions May Allow Privilege Elevation.

Command Processor May Not Parse Excessive Arguments Properly.

Unchecked Print Spooler Buffer May Expose System Vulnerability.

Local Procedure Call May Permit Unauthorized Account Usage.

Incorrect Registry Setting May Allow Cryptography Key Compromise.

Security Identifier Enumeration Function in LSA May Not Handle Argument Properly.

Non-public (you must contact Microsoft):

Slow Network Performance with Service Pack 4, 5, 6, or 6a.

TCP Session with Server Never Closes.

NOTE: When contacting Microsoft support in North America, they will take your Credit Card, but won't charge it, when you mention that you want the hotfix in article Qnnnnnn.

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