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JSI Tip 2277. In Windows 2000 Pro, I get Event 3101, unable to read IO control information from NBT device, even though no NIC is installed?

If your application event log contains the following after every restart:

        Event Type: Error
        Event Source: perfctrs
        Event Category: None
        Event ID: 3101
        Date: boot_date
        Time: boot_time
        User: N/A
        Computer: SYSTEM
        Description: Unable to read IO control information from NBT device.
Windows 2000 TCP/IP performance counters are trying to get I/O control information from your network device ( NIC, modem, ...), but the devices do not exist.

To fix the problem:

1. Run Exctrlst.exe.

2. Select the TCPIP Perfctrs.dll in the list and clear its' Performance Counters Enabled box.

3. Exit the utility and shutdown / Restart your computer.

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